The Ultimate Checklist for a Smooth, Unstoppable Senior Year

Rowdy 8-year-olds are pillaging the aisles of Target. Moms are holding long lists of school supplies. You are wondering what you should do to prepare for your senior year. Here’s the ultimate checklist you can start ticking off from the day you go back-to-school shopping to graduation day. List all the colleges you plan to apply to. Remember to choose safety, match and reach schools so that you have options when it comes to making a final decision. Create a checklist full of your to-do’s for each university you’re applying to on Google Drive. Include the name of the school, the link to apply, your usernames and passwords, sections of the application you must complete, and required essays. Once you’ve created your to-do lists, bookmark the tabs so that you can refer to them easily. These lists will act as guidelines for the hectic months to come. Read more